Cleaning Your Vehicle’s Windshield


This month Barry’s Auto Body, the eco-friendly, Staten Island collision repair shop, released another helpful video on our YouTube channel. “How to Super Clean Your Windshield Interior” demonstrates the proper way to clean your windshield using simple products that everyone has around the house.

A clean windshield is more than aesthetics – it’s a safety measure to protect you and your passengers while you are driving. Clean windshields are important all year around, but in cold and rainy weather it is imperative because smudges and oily residue can impair vision when the windshield fogs up.

Using glass cleaner, household rubbing alcohol, steel wool and shammies, Barry Crupi, owner of  Barry’s Auto Body – Staten Island collision repair shop, demonstrates the steps to getting your windshield crystal clean in just a few minutes.

As with any process, preparation is necessary. When cleaning the interior of the windshield, Barry reminds the viewer to remove any devices that might be attached to the windshield such as EZ Pass holder, phone holder etc. He also reminds us to be careful of registration and inspection stickers when scrubbing the windshield.

Unlike cleaning your exterior windshield, Barry explains why he doesn’t use razor blades or scrappers on the interior of windshields and on mirrors. Some modern day windshields may be treated with anti-glare material that can scratch and gouge if you use sharp items incorrectly. Rather than risk damage, Barry demonstrates how foaming glass cleaner and steel wool rubbed in light circular motions removes oil, grease and any stuck on residue that might fly in through an open window.

Applying the alcohol from a spray bottle and wiping it down with a clean shammy is the final step in the interior windshield cleaning process. The alcohol cuts through any remaining residue left by the glass cleaner.  Because alcohol cuts through grime and evaporates quickly, it is the perfect finishing touch to leave you with a crystal clean windshield.

 Barry’s Auto Body, the eco-friendly, Staten Island collision repair shop is happy to release these “How To” videos to help you keep your car clean and running well. Please like and subscribe to our channel today.