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Collision repair

Staten Island Collision Repair

The Basics Behind Collision Repair Estimate

A collision estimate is a close approximation of the cost to repair a damaged vehicle. Repair costs will vary based upon the extent of the collision damage the vehicle sustained and whether or not a driver wishes to upgrade or change specific car parts. Collision estimates are not the final price, but they can be extremely close to the end cost when they are prepared by an experienced professional.

The collision experts at Barry’s Auto Body understands the stress and anxiety people experience when searching for the right auto repair company, that’s why we take the time to provide our clients with a highly accurate collision estimate which includes a list of interior and exterior damage to the vehicle; consideration for whether or not the vehicle may need to be disassembled in order to properly repair collision damage and the time it will take to perform each aspect of the repair. By taking the time to go over every aspect needed to perform the repair, we are able to provide a collision estimate that is often very close to the final cost.

Why Should You Have Collision Estimate Services Performed at Barry’s Auto Body?

Arranging for a collision estimate after an accident is beneficial for many reasons. For one, damage acquired during the collision may go deeper than your vehicle’s exterior. Interior parts might be broken or damaged, and small parts may be loose. Our collision repair experts should be able to identify the interior damage during the assessment. Recognizing and repairing interior damage early can help prevent dangerous vehicular failures in the future. Where exterior damage is concerned, you probably won’t need an expert to point out the damage, though you will likely still want an honest collision estimate. Ultimately, having a collision estimate is important because it can help you budget your money more effectively. We proudly service the Collision Estimate needs of customers in Staten Island, NY, New York, NY, Elizabeth, NJ, and surrounding areas.

  1. Choosing an Auto Body Collision Repair Shop can be nervous making for most individuals.  In order to find a shop that is right for you it is important to seek answers to the following questions: How is their work? Are they honest? Are they reliable? Do they accept your insurance? Do they accept credit cards? Do they offer a written warranty for their work? How long have they been in business? Do they have client references?
  2. Use caution when seeking Auto Body Collision Repair Shop referrals from your insurance company. Remember that they want to protect their interest and pay as little on your claim as possible. Since you own your vehicle, it is important that you choose a repair shop that has a reputation of using quality new parts and which warranties its work.
  3. Use caution when seeking referrals from tow truck drivers at the scene of the accident. Some tow truck drivers receive incentives from auto body shops to bring them customers regardless of the quality of their work. If you have a collision and your tow truck driver brings your vehicle to an auto body shop not of your choice, you can report the tow truck company to 311. If your car is at one of these facilities we will help you.
  4. Be cautious when contacting auto repair center specialists from your insurance company. Remember that they want to protect their interests and pay as little as possible for your application. Since you are the owner of your car, it is important to choose a repair shop that has a reputation for using quality new parts and which guarantees its operation.
  5. Be careful when seeking help from the drivers of the tow trucks at the scene of the accident. Some drivers of evacuators receive incentives from car-care centers to deliver them to customers regardless of the quality of their work. If you have a collision and your evacuator driver will take your vehicle to a car-care center not at your choice, you can inform the company with the tow truck up to 311. If your car is on one of these facilities, we will help you.
  1. Our experts interview our client to assess how the accident occurred
  2. One of our claims representatives will conduct a physical inspection of your car to analyze the damage from the collision and compile a comprehensive estimate
  3. If you have not yet named your insurance company, one of our specialists will help you prepare for your initial call. Since insurance companies fix the initial call, it is better to allow the collision expert to first assess the damage and help you prepare for the call so that the insurance company understands the damage to your vehicle as a result of the collision. The more information you provide your insurance company from the very beginning, the more smoothly the process of reviewing your claims will go
  4. Our Claims Representatives will also discuss responsibility with the insurance company before commencing work. Our goal is to ensure that the insurance company pays 100%, so that the client has no costs, except for the deductible
  5. Barry’s Auto Body works closely with Enterprise Rent-A-Car to provide our customers with car rental directly from our store with deep discounts. Depending on whether your insurance policy provides a car budget, some customers may not pay anything.
  6. For your convenience, our claims representatives will contact you for the entire insurance event. Most customers go out and go for 15 to 20 minutes – this includes resetting their car, reporting the claims of the insurance company and leaving in a new model of the rental car. Auto Body from Barry ensures that our Auto Body body repair process is better than any other auto service store on Staten Island and that your car will be properly repaired with the smallest of your pocket expenses.

Types of repair shops

  1. The contract stores of the insurance company (often referred to as the “Direct Repair Shop” (DRP) or the “Preferred Insurance Repair Shop”) work for the insurance company, not for you.They enter into a contract to reduce the cost.This can mean the use of inferior parts used or May endanger the safety of the vehicle for you, your family and other drivers on the road. “Insurance companies call them” guaranteed repair shops “, but the insurance company is not actually Guarantees their work – the store has a guarantee.
  2. Non DRP or non-preferred repair shops. As a store without DRP, we work for you, but we accept all insurance coverage. Our reputation is solid, and we guarantee our work, so customers come back to us for all their needs in car repairs.

Answers to common questions caused by the insurance company Propaganda

  1. The insurance company said that I will have out of pocket expenses if I choose my own workshop for the repair of collisions.
    Answer: No. This is not true. You will not have unnecessary costs, because you choose us. Most customers actually pay less with our franchise plans.
  2. The insurance company told me that they will not make warranty repairs if I choose my car service.
    Answer: No. This is not true. Insurance companies do not guarantee work. The store does. Ask them for a written guarantee. They will say no.
  3. The insurance company said that I would have to wait longer for the installer, or it would take longer to repair my car in your collision shop.
    Answer – It’s not true. We have proofreaders from every insurance company every day, because we repair so many cars. We are usually faster than they expect.
  4. The insurance Company will not return my phone calls.Answer – Yes. We at Barry’s know how to get a call back because we have a list.
  5. The Insurance Company says the shop is not on our Preferred List.Answer – WE ACCEPT ALL INSURANCE COMPANIES.

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