Cultura ecológica

Attention drivers. If you live in the area of Staten Island, and New York, NY, or Elizabeth, NJ, Barry’s Auto Body wants you to Go Green with quality products from Glasurit. Call us now at (718) 948-8585 to find out more.

Our pledge to use environmentally friendly products shows in everything we do. Not only are we committed to providing a quality product for your vehicle, but we’re also committed to the environment, too. When you choose our shop for your custom paint job or detailing job, it will be done using Glasurit products.

The Glasurit Difference

We chose to use Glasurit products in our shop for a few reasons. We have a reputation for providing high quality work. Glasurit makes a top of the line product, allowing for a superior custom paint job or detail unlike any other. Our shop has also committed to being as environmentally friendly as possible. These paints and detailing compounds are unlike any other. You can enjoy superior, rich color ahead of any competitors paints.

Color Your World with Glasurit Products from Barry’s Auto Body

Your custom paint job is important. Not only should your vehicle stand out, but it should also look better than any other vehicle out there currently. Glasurit paints do that, and more. Glasurit paints are:

Enjoy bolder, more vibrant colors with custom paints from Glasurit. We use the 90 lines, which, over the past 20 years, have been constantly improving to become the best in the world. Glasurit employs the latest technologies to produce the most color-rich paint out there, while still maintaining its green mission.

You probably have questions about why you should choose Glasurit paints from our shop—we want to hear them. Give us a call at (718) 948-8585 to find out what makes Glasurit different, and what our shop is doing to go green.