Collision Repair Staten Island is Not Just for Men

In today’s society gender specific jobs are quickly becoming a thing of the past.  We have an equal amount of stay-at-home-dads as we do moms and we have more women CEO’s than ever before.  With so many changes in society, women are becoming the decision makers when it comes to auto purchases and repairs.

With women playing such a large role in auto decisions, smart repair shops should be hiring more women.

Barry’s Auto Repair is erasing the gender dividing by being an equal opportunity employer.  When you choose to service your vehicle with Barry’s, your expert service will begin and end with our female staff leaders.

From intake, to estimators, Barry’s Auto Body provides expert service to its customers thanks to female leadership.

Michelle Crupi, co-owner of the shop has aptly demonstrated that collision repair Staten Island is not only a man’s world.  Michelle’s administration of this very successful repair shop is spot on.  She and her team help customers wade through the daunting insurance claim process to ensure that their vehicle is repaired properly and returned in record time.

Barry’s Auto Body has been serving the Staten Island community for 30 years.  This family business was passed down from Michelle’s father who grew it from a small garage to what is now a six bay auto repair shop that uses eco-friendly products in its daily operations.

At Barry’s Auto Body there are no gender specific jobs.  Employees are sought out for their ability, attention to detail and their dedication to providing the customer with fast, expert service.

Car accidents are never fun.  The team at Barry’s Auto Body helps their customers get through the process of repairing their car quickly, easily and in a clean, welcoming shop.