Auto Repair Scams

Auto repair scams may seem completely irrelevant at first, but by the time you realize the consequences, it is FAR too late! It’s important to know about the types of scams, how they can affect you and how you can prevent them.

One of the first things auto body shops will do for a customer is generate a repair estimate. These estimates allow the customer to gauge the amount of work that must be done to his/her vehicle and the amount of money that it will cost. However, many customers fail to understand or read the documents that are associated with this estimate. As a result, some body shops will take advantage of the customers’ lack of attention and increase the price of the repair. Some body shops will event perform needless repairs, lie about the amount of work that was done, or use counterfeit/shoddy products. Unfortunately, it is tough to recognize these scams before the consequences arise. Auto repair scams can put the lives and safety of many people at risk. In addition, these repair scams can cause tons of unnecessary stress and cost customers countless hours and dollars with insurance companies.


In order to prevent these auto repair scams, you must do some research on your body shop of choice before bringing your car in for service. Ask for recommendations, take a look at the shop’s social media accounts, and request a tour of the shop- it will save you lots of time and money in the future!