Category: Insurance Fraud

$23 Million Auto Insurance Fraud

 In a recent case of auto insurance fraud in South Florida, a small group of clinic owners, chiropractors and attorneys made a whopping $23 million. The forty-one-year old leader, Felix Filenger, will face a 20-year sentence in federal prison. According

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Preventing Auto Insurance Fraud

Auto insurance fraud has become a dangerous problem in the past couple of years. Most think that insurance fraud only affects the people directly involved. However, auto insurance fraud can increase premium costs and elongate the insurance claim process for

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Auto Repair Scams

Auto repair scams may seem completely irrelevant at first, but by the time you realize the consequences, it is FAR too late! It’s important to know about the types of scams, how they can affect you and how you can

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Everyone pays for automotive insurance fraud

When most people hear the term insurance fraud, they think of it as something that has no impact on their life.  However, insurance fraud impacts every automobile driver even when it happens to another company. Law enforcement officials say that

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