Tips for Regular Vehicle Maintenance

If you’re not an expert on cars, knowing how to maintain your vehicle can seem tricky and overwhelming. Luckily, once you understand the basics, knowing what to look out for and check up on regularly can become a natural part of your routine. Check out these super helpful tips on things to look out for to keep your vehicle running smoothly and to save you money on car repairs.



Tires are one of the most important parts of vehicle maintenance and should not be ignored. Tire pressure should be checked on a regular basis. Monthly check ups should suffice to keep your tires from getting too deflated. Additionally, have your tires rotated when getting your oil changed to ensure an even tread on all four of your tires and to help extend their longevity. 


Regular Oil and Filter Changes

Changing your oil and keeping your vehicle’s filters clean is one of the most crucial parts of regular car maintenance. Luckily, when you bring your vehicle in to get your oil changed, you will be provided with a sticker on your dashboard that lets you know an approximate date and how many miles your vehicle should have on it before it is due for another service. Try to adhere to these instructions to insure that your vehicle will continue to run smoothly. 


Pay Attention to Your Brakes

Maintaining your vehicle’s brakes is one of the most crucial aspects of driver safety, for both yourself and everybody else out on the road. Pay attention to the sound and feel of your brakes. If something doesn’t sound right or if you’re not braking as smoothly as you typically do it may be time for maintenance on your brakes, even if that is as simple as replacing your braking fluid. 


Don’t Ignore Dashboard Lights

If something is not right with your vehicle, most cars will try to communicate that message to their driver via the lights on the dashboard. We are all likely familiar with the dreaded check engine light, but there are a plethora of other lights on a dashboard that are also attempting to communicate issues that your vehicle may have. Learn what these lights represent and when you see one begin to shine, don’t ignore it and let it turn into an even bigger problem than you already have. 


Wash Your Car Regularly

This tip may seem like a less obvious one, but keeping a clean car can help to extend the longevity of its life. Dirt and grime can cause cosmetic damage to the car’s exterior and paint job, while other debris such as fallen leaves can get under the hood and cause more serious internal damage. Have your car washed frequently and keep extraneous things from getting where they don’t belong in order to help maintain your vehicle.