Tips From The Best Collision Shop in Island

Barry’s Auto Body is the best collision shop in Staten Island, New York. Our staff members have over thirty-five years of experience and tons of knowledge in the automobile industry. With winter approaching, it is important to be informed about the possible dangers of driving in bad weather conditions.

Cold weather puts your car to the test and can have some significant effects on its mechanical abilities. Nobody wants to have their car breakdown in the middle of the road on a brutal winter night. You may be thinking “that’s the worst it can get!” However, a car collision resulting from harsh weather can be MUCH worse than a night spent outside. One of the most common ways to avoid collision in a snow storm is to drastically reduce your speed and be extra cautious of your surroundings. Steering and braking can be a lot harder on an icy and slippery road.

Before using your car in the winter months, be sure to bring it to our shop for a routine check. It’s extremely important that your vehicle is equipped with a functional/new battery, and charging system. The vehicle’s oil is a lot less “fluid” in winter months, which can lengthen the process of starting your engine. In addition, batteries tend to lose some power as the temperature decreases.

Some other quick tips for avoiding collision in the winter include making sure your windshield wipers are in good shape, refilling your windshield washer fluid and keeping a full tank of gas. The more prepared you are for the winter, the less you will have to worry on the road. Feel free to call us at (718)-948-8585, or visit our YouTube channel with any additional questions about winter collisions and driving in the snow.