What is a collision estimate?

Hi there everybody, it’s Barry from Barry’s Auto Body and Collision Repair, and in today’s blog we are going to talk about auto collision repair estimates. Simply put, a collision estimate can be defined as an assessment of the car’s condition as well as the approximate cost that will be necessary to repair it. The cost of the repair will vary; it is dependent on the damage that has been done to the car and the additional wants and needs of the driver.

With 35+ years in the automotive industry, our staff members understand the stress and discomfort associated with auto collisions. Our goal is to ensure that your car is fixed correctly in a timely manner. Some collision damage is less obvious to the naked eye and therefore requires experts and high-tech equipment to find and solve the problem. Damages on the vehicle’s interior are even more difficult to detect. We take the time to give a full estimate report of the interior and exterior damage, and determine if the vehicle needs to be taken apart properly repair the existing damage. This thorough review includes time frames for the completion of the work, so our customers know how quickly we can get them back on the road.

After providing the customer with an auto collision estimate, we contact his/her insurance company to reduce the amount of money that must be paid by the customer and alleviate the pressure that can come with these communications. In addition, Barry’s Auto Body works with Enterprise to provide customers with a mode of transportation while their vehicle is being fixed.

Don’t forget to call Barry’s Auto Body immediately after your car accident so that we can make sure the repair process is quick and painless. For more information about our services, visit barrysautobody.com or call (718)-948-8585!