Auto Body Paint and Collision Repair

Unfortunately, even the safest drivers are likely to experience a car accident at least once in their lifetime. Barry’s Auto Body has been providing auto body paint and collision repair since 1986. We strive to get your car in and out of our shop in a timely manner, looking better than ever. Our auto body paint process allows us to achieve our goal of providing  high-quality service at a low cost to our customers. 

The first steps of the paint process take place in our eco friendly, Downdraft prep-station facility which is equipped with top-notch intake and exhaust fans. Our expert mechanics disassemble the car and conduct a thorough cleaning to each part before applying wax and grease remover. Once our primer is mixed to perfection, it is applied to all exposed metals. We then apply 2 to 3 coats of Glasurit 90 line high build primer. The primer is cured by our Ultraviolet Heat Light Drying System and brought into another building to be prepped and sanded. Panels are scuffed so that paint can be applied correctly, and the vehicle is washed again. 

Finally, it is time to get to the painting. The trim and molding of the vehicle is taped and masked then transferred to a DownDraft Spray Booth Ovens, checked for imperfections and painted with an RTI Technology Perfect Air 50 Filtration System. On every job, we use Glasurit Water Based 90 Line paint on our paint spray line. 

If you have been in a collision, we will carefully color match your make and model and have it looking brand new. Restoring your vehicle’s appearance after a collision is not an easy job. Leave it up to the experts at Barry’s Auto Body; our auto body paint process was built to save you money, time and stress in the event of an automobile trap!