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Car Detailing Tips

How to wash, polish, and wax…

Hello everyone, this is Barry from Barry’s Auto Body and Collision repair on Staten Island. Today were going to talk about how to clean, polish and wax your car. The first step is hosing the car down. Make sure you

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Auto Body Info

Is it really an “Accident”?

Accident: An unfortunate incident that happens unexpectedly and unintentionally, typically resulting in damage or injury – Dictionary.com. In the case of car “accidents” the word accident implies it was no one “at fault”, but how many times is this genuinely

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Auto Body Paint and Collision Repair

Unfortunately, even the safest drivers are likely to experience a car accident at least once in their lifetime. Barry’s Auto Body has been providing auto body paint and collision repair since 1986. We strive to get your car in and

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Self-Driving Car Collision

With today’s extremely advanced technology comes nicer and cooler vehicles. However, this technology also brings about a reason to be more cautious on the road, especially with the rapid growth of self-driving cars. The large number of car collisions resulting

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Environment Friendly Collision Shop

When you’re looking for a collision shop, it is obvious that you want to find one that is trustworthy, professional, and highly devoted, right? But why not choose a collision shop that has all of these qualities AND environment friendly?

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What to do if you have a car accident

Even if no one is hurt, car accidents are unnerving.  The moments following the accident are emotional.  People don’t always think clearly.  Sometimes they can’t even remember what actually happened.  Unfortunately, the moments following a car accident is when it

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