Auto Electrical Repair

Today’s vehicles are designed with a myriad of technology to make driving safer, easier, and more enjoyable. This technology runs off your vehicle’s electrical system. Everything from windows, lights, ignitions, electronic spark plugs, wires, radio, backup sensors and more needs electricity to run. At the first sign that you need auto electrical repair, bring your car to Barry’s Auto Body where our trained and certified mechanics can get your auto electrical system up and running quickly and at the best possible price. We perform the auto electrical repair in New York City, Staten Island, Elizabeth, NJ, or other surrounding areas.

Auto Electrical Repair Process

Why Should You Get Your Electrical Systems Repaired?

Your car’s electrical system powers the majority of components responsible for running your vehicle. A malfunctioning circuit may cause a “check engine” light to appear on your dash which some drivers ignore because they feel that the vehicle is running correctly, but that light is an indication that something is faulty in the vehicles system and that auto electrical repair is necessary. If ignored, minor electrical problems can become major ones which can ultimately endanger the life of the vehicle operator and others on the road. At the first sign that you need auto electrical repair, call us to schedule service. We will run a diagnostic to check, find the problem and get it fixed as quickly as possible.


We Check Your Electrical System Thoroughly


There was a time when the need for auto electrical repair would make some vehicle owners decide to scrap their car. That’s when vehicle electrical systems were a mystery and mechanics were required to check each wire, fuse and bulb by hand to find the problem. When you bring your vehicle to Barry’s Auto Body for auto electrical repair, we check your systems thoroughly with ease. We’ll check:

Beware: If you don’t address minor electrical problems now, you could be left with a car that won’t start, experience system failure, or worse. We have been repairing electrical and electronic systems for over 35 years. Our ASE and I-Car trained technicians are experts at auto electrical repair work. We don’t waste your time or money guessing or changing unnecessary parts. We repair your electrical wiring right the first time.


To schedule an appointment for electrical repairs, call (718) 948-8585. We’ll get your vehicle fixed up right.



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