Auto Body Paint

Even the safest drivers can experience a car accident. Thankfully, most modern vehicles are equipped with devices to keep drivers safe during a collision. Unfortunately, no one has invented a dent-proof —- yet. Until they do, the expert staff at Barry’s Auto Body is at your service to repair your vehicle and make it look good as new. Our Auto Body Paint and repair service is second to none. Since 1986, Barry’s Auto Body has been providing Auto Body Paint and repair to customers in the New York City, Staten Island, and Elizabeth, NJ areas. We work with most major insurance companies to ensure that our customers incur the least out-of-pocket expense.

Our Auto Body Paint Process

Notes on Auto Body Paint Process

We’re committed to providing you with professional, unparalleled service. In cases where we are restoring your vehicle’s appearance after an accident, we carefully color match your model and make. Call (718) 948-8585 to speak with a member of our team and schedule your service.

Areas Served:

Staten Island NY, Elizabeth NJ, New York NY, and local surrounding areas

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