Post Repair Inspection

Vehicles that have been in accidents should have a Post Repair inspection to insure that the repairs were done correctly. This evaluation is performed by a qualified third party who is tasked with examining the repairs to ensure that the proper parts were used and the proper procedures were followed. During a post-repair inspection, the vehicle is assessed to ensure that no safety problems exist.

Notes on Auto Body Small Dent Repair:

They add a second layer of protection to vehicle repairs which can save time, money, and human life.


As more and more insurance companies engage in Direct Repair Programs, auto body repair shops are evaluated on how quickly and inexpensively repairs can be made. Rushing through a repair or using aftermarket parts on repairs can jeopardize a vehicle’s performance and the safety of drivers and passengers.


Industry statistics have reported that over sixty percent (60%) of vehicles that were repaired have been found to have inadequate repairs that could affect the value, operation, and/or safety of the vehicle and its occupants. Would it be wise to assume that the repair facility and/or the insurance company beat the odds on your vehicle’s repair? Do not gamble with the safety of you and your family, know if your vehicle has remaining damage and/or was properly and thoroughly repaired.


Barry’s Auto Body provides FREE Post Repair Inspections. As a collision repair facility with certifications, recognition, and factory training from over 18 manufacturers such as Porsche, Audi, Volkswagen, and Nissan, we have the expertise to ensure your vehicle was repaired correctly.

Step by Step Guide to Free Post Repair Inspections


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