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Auto Body Tips

Regular Car Maintenance Tips that you Might Not Think About

There is a lot of responsibility that comes with owning a vehicle. From taking care to drive safely and obey traffic laws to properly maintaining it to ensure its longevity, vehicle owners should be doing everything that they can to keep their cars in good working condition. However, while some of the more notable types of maintenance, such as car washing and oil changes might be front of mind, there are several other kinds of maintenance that can often be overlooked.   Headlight Care Over time, a vehicle’s headlights can begin to become foggy and dull. Maintaining the clarity of … Continued

Car Maintenance Tips to Help You Beat the Heat

Summer has officially arrived, and it’s brought with it’s blazing sun and high temperatures. However, while we have the option to hit the pool or the beach in order to cool off, our cars don’t have the same option. Therefore, we need to do everything we can to take care of our vehicles and to help them beat the heat! Check out these amazing tips on ways you can look out for your car (and yourself) during these hot Summer months:   Make Sure Your AC is Running There is nothing worse than getting into your car on a hot, … Continued

Finding the Right Tires

For those who are not super familiar with cars or automotive repairs, the idea of choosing the right kind of tire can seem like a daunting task. What are the differences between the different types of wheels, or for what purpose might you need to get them? Questions like these can seem overwhelming if you don’t know what to keep an eye out for. Luckily, here at Barry’s Auto Body, we want to make sure all our customers and clients get the very best help we can give them to get them back out on the road safely. So, check … Continued

Benefits to Washing Your Car Regularly

One of the most basic forms of maintenance that somebody can do for their vehicle would be to wash it regularly. However, for those of us who live in areas that receive harsh Winter weather conditions, washing our cars during that time of year can be pointless. Combinations of slow, sleet, dirt, and salt will effectively undo any maintenance that we attempt to do in regards to car washing. However, now that Spring has sprung and the weather has started to get nicer, car washing should be towards the top of the list of priorities for all vehicle owners, for … Continued

Tips for Regular Vehicle Maintenance

If you’re not an expert on cars, knowing how to maintain your vehicle can seem tricky and overwhelming. Luckily, once you understand the basics, knowing what to look out for and check up on regularly can become a natural part of your routine. Check out these super helpful tips on things to look out for to keep your vehicle running smoothly and to save you money on car repairs.   Tires Tires are one of the most important parts of vehicle maintenance and should not be ignored. Tire pressure should be checked on a regular basis. Monthly check ups should … Continued

Driving in Different Weather Conditions

Paying attention to the environment around you is essential when driving. While you may be a good driver, you never know what can happen on the road as a result of certain weather conditions. Bad weather can make the road a tricky place to navigate and increase your chances of being an accident. There are many different types of weather conditions that you should be prepared to drive in. For example:  Rain Rain is one of the most common types of weather that can make driving more dangerous than it usually is. The rain makes the surface of the road … Continued

Essential Tools to Keep in Your Vehicle at All Times

When taking your vehicle out on the road, it is important that proper maintenance is conducted beforehand to ensure that everything will run as smoothly as possible. However, even with proper maintenance, accidents can happen, and things can go against your best interest. Therefore, responsible vehicle owners should always keep a kit of important supplies in their vehicles at all times in case of emergencies, or if they need to conduct some quick repairs. These supplies can range anywhere from a spare tire to a first aid kit, however, there are several important pieces of equipment that you might not … Continued

Prepping Your Vehicle for the Winter

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, and Christmas on the horizon after that, it is safe to say that the Winter months are fast approaching. And while that means we’re about to enter the season of snow days and hot chocolate, it also means that the harsh winter weather is almost here as well. While the snow may look pretty and the atmosphere can feel joyful, it’s also important to take note of the harsh effects that the cold conditions can have on your vehicle. From weatherproofing to increasing your car’s maneuverability, there are several steps that you can take … Continued

Premium Gas Vs. Regular Gas

Having to fill up your gas tank is one common denominator that can unite drivers from around the globe. We’ve all had the moment of panic where our gas light has lit up, and there is no gas station in sight, and the relief of pulling up to a pump just in the nick of time. We’ve also all probably pulled up to a gas station and delivered our standard order of “$20 regular,” opting to completely ignore the price of premium gas listed on the marquee. But what does this mean, really? What is the difference that exists between … Continued

Preparing Your Car for a Driving Vacation

This Summer, as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, many people have had their Summer vacation plans thrown for a loop or all together cancelled or postponed. Traveling has become more restricted than ever before and plans to do so must be done much more carefully and safely than they have been in the past. Travelers have become more wary of modes of transportation such as flying, where they are exposed to a greater number of people, and therefore more at risk for contracting the virus. Therefore, if choosing to make the decision to travel, many people are opting to … Continued