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Barry’s Auto Body is a leader in the Auto Body Repair industry serving customers from New York City, Staten Island, Brooklyn, and the Elizabeth New Jersey area. We stand behind our automotive repair work. Whether you are in need of auto body paint, collision repair, paint-less dent repair, brake repair, car window repair, A/C & heating repair, auto electric repair, exhaust & muffler repair, wheel alignment, belts & hoses replacement, or filter replacement, your vehicle is good hands with the trained and qualified mechanics of Barry’s Auto Body.

Our multi-service bay automotive shop is outfitted with high-tech, state-of-the-art auto body repair equipment. That means that your automotive repair work will be performed in the quickest timeframe possible and tested to ensure top performance before it is returned to you.

Whether you need automotive repair for a passenger car, medium-sized truck, mini-van, or SUV, when you bring your vehicle to Barry’s Auto Body, you will have the peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is in the hands of qualified mechanics in a shop that has been family owned and operated for more than 30 years.

Our number one goal has always been complete satisfaction for our local customers in Staten Island, NY, New York, NY, Elizabeth, NJ, and surrounding areas. Our car repair shop has a longstanding reputation for quality repairs. Whether you need routine auto maintenance services or necessary car repairs, contact us online or visit us during business hours.

Notes on Auto Body Small Dent Repair:

  • Clean any dirt, tree sap or silicone from repair area. (an important but commonly overlooked step in the auto body dent repair shop process.)
  • Analyze damage to determine direct damage and indirect damage.  First in last out, so indirect damage must come out first in order to gradually repair direct major damage. It is important we blue print our auto body repair so we know what to do.
  • We protect all adjacent panels as needed.  Before we start sanding or grinding we must first protect the rest of the car with plastics, mats, masking tape and paper, welding blankets, ect…  This is an extremely important step  to protect the auto.
  • Determine auto body repair method.  ex- “Hammer and Dolly Method” “Stud Welder Gun Method” ect… With all methods we pull out the low spots of dents while we tap down the high spots.  Starting from edges then going in. Do not go to center of dent first. We Start with indirect less noticeable damage first.  First in last out.     **No holes are drilled in the metal ever on any small dent repair. **
  • Now once metal is straightened we use 3M 36 grit sand paper to grind down paint. This will show us all the high and low spots of a dent so we further straighten metal second time. We repeat this step until metal is almost perfect. The trick to using Auto body filler on dent repair is to spend 80% of our time straightening metal and 20% of our time applying 3M Platinum Auto Body Filler.
  • Now once metal is as straight as it can possibly be.  We will Feather edge the entire dent area to make it as smooth as possible before we start apply 3M Filler. We will spend most of our time straightening your metal so we use the least amount of Auto Body filler possible.
  • Now we blow of, wash, use a wax and grease remover on the entire dent area.
  • Once clean we Apply 3M Platinum Filler using a disposable tip, to get the exact Filler/Hardener mixing ratio. Many shops will do by hand leading to pinholes and cracks in months to come.  Its what you don’t see that really matters here.
  • Now we use different grit sand papers ranging from 3M 80grit – 3M 400 grit to smooth out the dent area. this will take 1 or 2 coats ideally. Less is better.
  • Once the entire panel is smooth and feather edged, we will use a glazing putty with a razor blade to fill any tiny pin holes that may be their.
  • We will now sand entire panel with a 400 grit sand paper to get it ready for primer.  Most auto body shops will not go this far. They would normally stop at 220 grit.
  • We now apply a series of Glasurit primers evenly over the repair area. For more info visit our blog in “About us section”  https://barrysautobody.com/blog/


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