Car Window Repair

Automobile manufacturers are incorporating complicated technology into vehicle design to increase driver comfort and ease of operation. Computer technology is embedded into almost every component of late model vehicles, even the glass, making car window repair more complicated than ever before.


Barry’s Auto Body team of expert mechanics is well trained in all aspects of car window repair. Whether you need side window repair, rear window repair, or windshield replacement, our automotive specialists will do the job quickly and at the best price possible. We accept most major insurance and we guarantee all our work.


Barry’s Auto Body handles car window repair and other auto glass services for drivers in New York City, Staten Island, Elizabeth, NJ, and surrounding areas.


Did You Know: In most vehicles, windshields help support the roof and prevent its collapse. In some vehicles, the front windshield also acts as a support for the passenger airbag.

Car Window Repair & Auto Glass Replacement Services

At Barry’s Auto Body, we provide professional car window repair and service at competitive prices. Contact us if you need any of the following car window repair services: Front Windshield, Rear Windshield, Side Window, Rearview Mirror, Sideview Mirror, Sunroof, Moonroof


Remember that car window repair should be done immediately upon noticing a defect. Over time, a small crack in the windshield can spread, weakening the glass to the extent that road debris can cause it to shatter, posing a safety hazard for the driver and front-seat passenger.


Malfunctioning side windows, whether electric or crank, can slip its track and become stuck open, exposing your car’s interior to the elements or leaving your vehicle easily accessible for thieves.


Whether you need glass replacement, window operation repair, or re-glazing, Barry’s Auto Body is your one-stop-shop for car window repair. We provide timely service at an affordable price. Contact our team today.


Areas Served:


Staten Island NY, Elizabeth NJ, New York NY, and local surrounding areas


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