Paint Renewal System

We are proud to offer a comprehensive Auto Detail Glazing paint renewal. We use premium car care products to make sure your car looks factory new. We are car paint and body experts and have a deeper understanding of automotive paint finishes than your average automotive detailing shop. We use our expertise in automotive paint finishes to make your old paint look fresh and new.


Schedule a paint renewal DA compound and glazing service with Barry’s Auto Body. We help families across Staten Island, Brooklyn, NY, New York, NY, and Elizabeth, NJ make their cars look new again.


We use a dual-action sanding (DA) system to make your car’s finish like Paint Renewalglass, better than most factory finishes. The sandpaper we use is less invasive than most wool-based polishers and produces a paint finish that will last a long time. After our Dual Action (DA) heat sanding treatment. Every time you wash your car for the life of your car it will look like it was just waxed. The heat mends the clear coat together and smooths out orange peel left by the factory to give the clear a mirror or sheet of glass-like effect. It will give your car a “wet” look like it was just painted!


We use all water-based detailing products so what you see is what you get. Most eco-friendly-body-shop detailing shops want you to see your car looking good when you get it but don’t care how it looks a week or a month from now. So they use oil-based products that will look good at first but will start showing swirl marks a month or so afterward once your car is washed again. Our compounds and waxes are all Eco-friendly water-based products so they will not cover up imperfections like an oil-based product will and they will not harm car paint long term either like an oil-based will. What you see when you pick it up is what you get.


We use poly foam glaze applicators because they are the best at achieving a thin even coat of wax. The thinner the glaze coating the deeper the shine.

We buff your car using quality microfiber Miracle Towels to make the final finish look like it is still wet.


We use the Surface Cleansing Mitt Fine Grade Clay System (Clay Bar) to make your paint feel smooth as glass. This clay system is excellent at decontaminating the surface, it removes overspray, rail dust, industrial fallout, and contamination that are embedded into the surface of your car. The unique microfiber mitt design allows our hand to cover all curves of your vehicle for a perfectly smooth surface.

Our Paint Renewal Process

  • Rinse the car with water first (making sure to get under wheel wells, the floor of the car, into all cracks and crevices where dirt may be hiding)
  • Wash car with Car Bright Select foaming soap (must be Ph balanced correctly and safe for all paint types)
  • The dry car first with Ez dry squeegee by Carbrite to remove most water then with a microfiber towel to remove whatever water is left
  • Dry sand the entire car with a 2000 grit 3m sandpaper(which is actually less harmful to car paint than most compounds used) over any deep scratches, scuff, or marks (this is the first step and will help get rid of any surface scratches that are not through the paint. It will also lighten all scratches that are through cars paint)
  • Dry sand the entire car with a 3000- 3500 grit sandpaper on a heat activating Dual Action sander which is very fine and will heat up & smooth clear coat out on the car giving a shine guaranteed to be better than any new car right out of the showroom
  • Wash or wipe the car down to remove all residue and debris again.
  • Compound the entire car with an Ultra Cutting Creme Light by Presta on a foam polishing pad. (water-based products) (we use no wool pads) (heavy compounds will do more long term damage than sandpaper. Also Heavy compounds are what creates swirl marks)
  • Polish entire car with an Ultra Polishing cream by Presta waster based products
  • Go over the entire car with a swirl mark remover by Presta waster based products
  • Polish entire car by hand with Presta’s breathable hand glaze. We use no waxes on your car because the wax is not good for the future shine of your car. a wax will lock all dust into the car’s finish and cause a car to dull over time.

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