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Scratch Repair & Touch Up

Drive into a thorn bush? Took your truck off road? Parked in a shopping center parking lot? If your paint is looking tired and scratched up you have come to the right place. At Barry’s Auto Body we specialize in auto paint scratch repair.

Schedule a Touch Up Scratch Repair service with Barry’s Auto Body. We help families across Staten Island, NY, New York, NY, and Elizabeth, NJ have a car that looks new again.

Our Auto Scratch Removal Process

  1. Wash the panel containing the scratch to remove any dirt, debris, or tree sap
  2. Sand down the scratch area with a ultra fine 3000 grit sandpaper to level the surface off and make it flat. (if needed)
  3. Use RM Prep-sol wax and silicone remover to remove any greases, acid rain or chemicals on the scratch area. (this also prepares the scratch for touch up paint adherence)
  4. Use hand compound to remove and sand or scratch marks if necessary
  5. Let the Wax and silicone remover dry to ensure proper paint adherence
  6. Check touch up color on small test area before applying to ensure best possible color match
  7. Dab touch up brush and wipe to make sure the brush is not too wet.  Less is better because too much paint on brush will cause drips or runs.  (apply twice if necessary)
  8. Let paint dry
  9. Apply a thin layer of clearcoat over touch up to match car’s clear coat, ensure proper adhesion and to protect the touch up paint against rain and moisture

This paint scratch removal process will ensue the best result.

We’re committed to providing you with professional, unparalleled service.  Call (718) 948-8585 to speak with a member of our team and schedule your Touch Up Scratch Repair.

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