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Car Wash & Wax

We are proud to offer our Car Wash , Wax and Vacuum detailing service. We take pride in our work and will treat your car like it was our own. We are auto detail experts and have been offering our Wash , Wax and Vacuum detailing service since 1986! We will make your car feel new again.

Staten Island Car Wash , Wax and Vacuum

Our Car Wash , Wax and Vacuum Process

  • Vacuum interior and blow out and dirt stuck in the cracks of your seats
  • We wipe dry interior with either shamy or micro fiber mitt to remove any left over soap or chemicals
  • We go over interior with a lint brush to remove any hairs or lint that may be stuck in interior if necessary
  • Rinse of entire outside of car (getting inside engine compartment, door jams, bottom of car and inside any cracks and crevices in the body lines of car.)
  • Wash outside of car with “Ph balanced” Cherry Bomb car soap from Car Brites Select Services detailing line.
  • Clay bar entire outside of car with our wet on wet clay bar mitt from Presta detailing line to remove all built up dust, dirt and chemical debris inside cars orange peel.
  • Dry off entire out side of car with our shame’s and micro fiber cloth mitts
  • Blow dry off entire outside of car with our air blower in order to get inside all cracks and crevices which may be hiding dirt and grime
  • Wax entire outside of car with all water based products. Eco friendly (all our waxes and hand glazes are breathable materials. Which will not lock any dirt or chemical debris into cars finish and cause no damage to your cars paint) We do not use any older waxes that may lock dirt into cars paint.
  • Visually inspect car under our T5 Daylight florescent and led lighting system to make sure the work is up to the Barry’s Auto Body standard

We’re committed to providing you with professional, unparalleled service. Call (718) 948-8585 to speak with a member of our team and schedule your wash and wax.

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