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Proper Wheel Alignment Keeps You Safe

Most drivers don’t think about their vehicle’s wheel alignment or what damage can occur when tires aren’t aligned. Wheel alignment can be knocked out by potholes, rough roads or excessive driving. When tires aren’t properly aligned it can put stress

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Don’t put off brake repair

Brakes are the most important safety mechanisms in your car, yet most people push off the need for brake repair far longer than they should. A typical brake system consists of disk brakes in the front and either disk or

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Why Regular Auto Service is Essential

Cars are an indispensable part of our daily routine. Without them, the daily commute to office, dropping off the kids at school, getting groceries from the local store, all become challenging and onerous tasks. For most people, their car is

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Your Car’s Electronic Systems and their Repair

Are you aware about the different electronic systems in your car? Many people don’t know about the electrical and electronic circuits in their vehicle, which increases the possibilities of unnoticed problems in their equipment. This is the reason why you

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Do Your Brakes Need Service?

Maintaining your car brakes is very important. Brakes play an important role in stopping the car during an emergency. It protects you and your passenger’s life. If your breaks have a squealing sound, that indicates that your car needs to have a brake service immediately. If you notice thi…

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What are the Top Three Tire Maintenance Tips?

Proper tire maintenance of any vehicle is very crucial, as tires are a vital part of the vehicle that can affect its handling, riding, braking. It is also the only part that touches the road. However, it is equally important to check the tires regularly for the safety and automotive investment…

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How to Maintain Your Vehicle

The first thing you should know with how to maintain your vehicle is that your owner’s manual is your friend. It’s important to refer to the manual for the proper way to check each area of your vehicle. In this video, you will learn the basic steps on how to maintain yo…

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