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Auto Collisions

The Fastest Cars in the World…

Hello everyone, it’s Barry again from Barry’s auto body and collision repair. Today we’re going to answer the question that everyone in the auto industry wants to know: “What are the fastest cars in the world?” Ready to see some

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Auto Body Info

We’ve got a winner!

Hello everyone it’s Barry from Barry’s Auto Body again, this time writing about the winner for our Make Staten Island Laugh contest. Make Staten Island Laugh was an effort to get people from from around the country to produce and

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Auto Body Paint

The color and quality of your auto body paint can make or break your car. If your car is in perfect condition but has scratches, and a worn-out paint job, it will appear much older and have a lower value.

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Get Your Vehicle Ready For The Winter

The holidays are finally over and the heavy stages of winter are approaching. Us Northeasterners have gotten lucky with abnormally warm weather in the past couple of months, which makes it hard to ignore the possibility of seeing some low

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Your Guy in the Auto Body Industry

There is nothing better than having your vehicle handled by someone you can genuinely trust! In Staten Island, Barry from Barry’s Auto Body is YOUR guy in the auto body industry. Barry and his Sister, Michele, have years of experience

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