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Car Detailing Tips

Cleaning your vehicle to help kill the Corona Virus.

Here are a few ways to clean your vehicle to help STOP the spread of the corona virus. (We are not medical professionals so these are all just helpful tips. Please ask your doctor for medical instructions on how to clean your vehicle.) ANY PRODUCTS YOU SEE HERE. TEST SMALL SPOT FIRST TO MAKE SURE IT DOES NOT DESTROY YOUR CARS INTERIOR OR EXTERIOR. We recommend you clean the inside of your vehicle thoroughly first. Wash with soap and water. Then use a de-greaser to remove silicone, wax, grease, road tar and oils. We use Pre-Kleno by BASF. Wear a mask, … Continued

7 reasons why you may want to repair that paint scratch on your vehicle.

7 Important reasons to touch up or compound paint scratches on your vehicle before they rust. When you sell your vehicle this can negatively affect the cars value. This also may signal to an upcoming buyer that your car was not well maintained. A small scratch on a car could be as little as $35 to $125. Depending on damage or color but could cause your car to rust over time. Costing you thousands if you do not take care it. If the vehicles clear coat was penetrated. It can cause the rest of the paint in that area to … Continued

Cleaning Your Vehicle’s Windshield

This month Barry’s Auto Body, the eco-friendly, Staten Island collision repair shop, released another helpful video on our YouTube channel. “How to Super Clean Your Windshield Interior” demonstrates the proper way to clean your windshield using simple products that everyone has around the house. A clean windshield is more than aesthetics – it’s a safety measure to protect you and your passengers while you are driving. Clean windshields are important all year around, but in cold and rainy weather it is imperative because smudges and oily residue can impair vision when the windshield fogs up. Using glass cleaner, household rubbing … Continued

New YouTube Video: Cleaning Your Vehicle’s Windshield (Exterior)

Hey everybody, it’s Barry from Barry’s Auto Body and Collision Repair. Today’s blog is all about cleaning the exterior of your car’s windshield. We’re not just talking your usual soap and water type of clean – we’re here to show you how to take your windshield cleaning to the next level. Streaks no more! In our newest video now up on our Youtube channel, we show you the best products that will ensure that your windshield will be streak free. We also demonstrate how to properly use each product in order to get the best clean possible. Also in the … Continued

Shampoo Interior Service at Barry’s Auto Body

Hello everyone it’s Barry from Barry’s Auto Body in Staten Island, NY. A little while back, I posted a blog that explained the best ways to wash and clean a car’s exterior. Today, we are going to switch things up and talk about cleaning your car’s interior. Before we begin, it is important to mention that there are many different kinds of interiors, and each one has its own specific maintenance requirements. For example, if you have a leather interior, it is much easier to clean, and less likely to get stained. However, a leather interior is expensive, and can … Continued

Barry’s Auto Body Launches New YouTube Channel

Hey everyone, this is Barry from Barry’s Auto Body and Collision Repair. In today’s blog, I am happy to announce the remodeling and revamping of the Barry’s Auto Body Youtube channel! As some of you may know, four years ago we launched a YouTube channel to inform our customers about car care and the automotive industry. After looking into some of YouTube’s newest features and speaking with our subscribers, we made the decision to take our channel to the next level. The shop’s vision is to make our channel the go-to resource for car fanatics, customers, body shop owners and … Continued

How to wash, polish, and wax…

Hello everyone, this is Barry from Barry’s Auto Body and Collision repair on Staten Island. Today were going to talk about how to clean, polish and wax your car. The first step is hosing the car down. Make sure you stand close to get every nook and cranny and go over any place that dust and debris can be found. Once you are ready to use your preferred sponge product, be careful not to drop it on the ground and always give it a rinse before continuing to clean. Many small, and nearly invisible materials on the sponge can scratch … Continued

Bath Time!

Don’t let a beat up car ruin your summer style; come on into Barry’s Auto Body to get an auto detail. We offer a wide variety of services to keep your car in tip top shape. If you want the inside of your ride to look and smell brand new, try our shampoo interior. Your vehicle’s carpets are cleaned using soft brushes and a hot water extractor, then a fabric protector is applied to protect your carpets from any future damage. We vacuum and blow out all of the dirt and grime that has made a home in your car … Continued

Drive in Style This Summer

With summer quickly coming to an end, now is the best time to take advantage of the gorgeous days and warm summer nights that the season has to offer. If you’re getting ready for a family vacation, road trip, or even just a ride to clear your head, you should feel confident that your automobile is in tip-top shape and ready to go. At Barry’s Auto Body, we offer a variety of services to provide you with that confidence throughout EVERY season! Collision repair, frame straightening, post-repair inspections, brake repair, window repair…the list goes on. But auto detailing is our … Continued

Washing Your Car in Winter

When it is cold and snowy outside, washing your car is the last thing you want to do, however, keeping your car clean in winter is extremely important. Salts and chemicals used on roads to keep them moving cling to your car’s finish and are transferred to its interior on boots and shoes. When the snow clears and the sun shines, you can actually see the residue of salt represented in a white, powdery layer clinging to your car’s finish. That layer of grime is slowly eroding the polish or wax, and, if left to linger, can penetrate to the … Continued