How to wash, polish, and wax…

Hello everyone, this is Barry from Barry’s Auto Body and Collision repair on Staten Island. Today were going to talk about how to clean, polish and wax your car. The first step is hosing the car down. Make sure you stand close to get every nook and cranny and go over any place that dust and debris can be found.

Once you are ready to use your preferred sponge product, be careful not to drop it on the ground and always give it a rinse before continuing to clean. Many small, and nearly invisible materials on the sponge can scratch the paint; even tiny scratches in the paint can lead to a costly paint job.

We also suggest using a shammy to wipe down the car again. The shammy will pull out any debris that gets stuck in the paint and give your car a priceless shine.

Before moving on to wax, it is extremely important to dry each and every part of the vehicle. Once the car is dry, you should use small portions of wax and cover the vehicle in small overlapping circles. Most wax products today, can be used on chrome and headlights. At Barry’s Auto Body, we suggest using Presta Fast Wax. Always check your wax products for instructions for use before, during and after the waxing process; some products will include storage instructions as well. After the car is completely covered, take a microfiber cloth and wipe down the entire car; be sure not to leave any wax on the vehicle. We suggest using a soft bristle toothbrush to remove wax from those tight cracks.

We hope these quick tips will help you the next time you decide to clean your car. Check out the video below for more tips and call us at (718) 948-8585 to learn more about our full auto-detailing services!