Self-Driving Car Collision

With today’s extremely advanced technology comes nicer and cooler vehicles. However, this technology also brings about a reason to be more cautious on the road, especially with the rapid growth of self-driving cars. The large number of car collisions resulting from self-driving cars is a sign that manufacturers have not yet perfected the technology. This past week, GM was sued by Oscar Nilsson, who blamed the company for the recent collision between his motorcycle and a self-driving Chevy Bolt in San Francisco, California. Oscar claims that the collision was a result of the car’s sudden change of lanes, which left him with a neck and shoulder injury. GM, however, referred to the police department’s collision report and blamed Oscar Nilsson for merging lanes “before it was safe to do so.”

Lawsuits like these are likely going to be extremely common if self-driving cars continue to show up on the road. Who is to blame for the car collision? Is it the manufacturers fault for not building a vehicle smart enough to avoid collision? Or is the human driver somewhat liable as well? While some people are extremely excited about the innovation in the automobile industry, others are worried about the safety issues that may come along with it. With insurance companies being so heavily involved in car collision, it is likely that they are dealing with some level of concern as well. What do you think about self-driving cars? Leave us a comment or contact us on any of our social media platforms with your thoughts!