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Dump DRP

Unless you are well versed in term that are used by mechanics, you might not know what a DRP is. DRP stands for a direct repair program, and it refers to auto body shops that work directly insurance companies. Although

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Post Repair Inspections: Why and Where to Get Them

Before we tackle the ‘Why” and “Where” associated with Post Repair Inspections, let’s take care of the “What.” A Post Repair Inspections is a second layer of protection to vehicle repairs. Why do you need a second layer of protection?

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Have you ever heard of a direct repair program (DRP)? A direct repair shop is a body shop that works with your insurance company. Sounds like no big deal, right? The thing that is often overlooked about direct repair shops

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What is a Direct Repair Shop?

If you have had a car accident in the last ten years you may have heard of or even used an insurance company’s direct repair shop, but maybe you don’t really understand what they are and why it’s important to

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