Post Repair Inspections: Why and Where to Get Them

Auto Body Repair

Before we tackle the ‘Why” and “Where” associated with Post Repair Inspections, let’s take care of the “What.” A Post Repair Inspections is a second layer of protection to vehicle repairs. Why do you need a second layer of protection? Because unfortunately, there are tons of repair shops that have one goal in mind- make a profit and get your car out of the shop as quickly as possible. When money is the only motive, inferior procedures and improper parts are used. Barry’s Auto Body, unlike many other body shops, works on each and every car like it’s one of our own. Our number one goal is customer satisfaction. 

Industry statistics have reported that over sixty percent (60%) of vehicles that were repaired have been found to have inadequate repairs that could affect the value, operation and/or safety of the vehicle and its occupants. To fight that statistic, we offer FREE Post Repair Inspections. Our expert technicians have years of experience and factory training from over eighteen manufacturers. A bad repair could cost money, time, and the lives of anyone in or near the defected vehicle. 

If you had your vehicle fixed by a direct repair shop, or want to make sure that no safety problems exist, give us a call at (718) 948-8585 or visit our shop at 4301 Amboy Road, Staten Island, New York. There is no cost to the customer for Post Repair Inspection  or repairs resulting from the inspection. The cost of those repairs are borne by the insurance company, which has a contractual obligation with the insured to pay for vehicle repairs that are a result of a car accident.