Have you ever heard of a direct repair program (DRP)? A direct repair shop is a body shop that works with your insurance company. Sounds like no big deal, right? The thing that is often overlooked about direct repair shops is the pricing. DRP’s must fix your vehicle and charge the predetermined price that was created by the insurance company. With these predetermined processes and prices in place, body shops are reluctant to check for any additional problems with your vehicle. Furthermore, the DRP shop will use the materials and strategies that are within the budget and sometimes ignore the fact that your car may need higher quality parts. The overarching problem with these programs is that the auto body shop is completely dependent on the insurance company and not the customer.

At Barry’s Auto Body, we do not work directly for any car insurance companies- we work for you. Customer service has been the core of our business for the past thirty years and we choose to go the extra mile for everyone that walks into our shop. We offer free estimates and transparent pricing so that you can get your car fixed without the financial stress. If you’ve been in an accident, don’t be fooled by a DRP shop or the insurance company; call us at 718-948-8585. We also do post repair inspections for customers that have gotten their vehicles fixed at a direct repair shop. Don’t put your safety at risk- bring your car to 4301 Amboy Rd. Staten Island, New York.