Preventing Auto Insurance Fraud

Auto insurance fraud has become a dangerous problem in the past couple of years. Most think that insurance fraud only affects the people directly involved. However, auto insurance fraud can increase premium costs and elongate the insurance claim process for thousands of drivers.

One type of auto insurance fraud is called a “hard car insurance scam.” This type of fraud is committed by one or more drivers who purposefully cause an automobile collision with intentions of filing insurance claims and making a profit. Being prepared to deal with an automobile collision is the best way to avoid auto insurance fraud. More than 75% of Americans carry a smartphone at all times; it is important to use these devices to take pictures of the cars/drivers involved in the accident, damage and injuries, road signs, and any other surrounds that apply to the incident. You may also use your smartphone to take down information from the driver. It will be useful to have his or her name, address, phone number, license plate, driver’s license number and auto insurance information. In addition, it is always a good idea to call the police to have an extra witness and possible source of protection against auto insurance fraud.

Being prepared and cautious after an automobile collision could prevent auto insurance fraud, and save you lots of money and time after the accident. At Barry’s Auto Body we have seen many problems with auto insurance fraud and are happy to give our customers any additional information on the topic to prevent further incidents. Give us a call at (718) 948-8585 or visit us at 4301 Amboy Rd Staten Island, New York with any questions you may have!