$23 Million Auto Insurance Fraud

 In a recent case of auto insurance fraud in South Florida, a small group of clinic owners, chiropractors and attorneys made a whopping $23 million. The forty-one-year old leader, Felix Filenger, will face a 20-year sentence in federal prison. According to the plea agreement, the crime involved “ripping off auto insurance providers by illegally billing for Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance funds under Florida’s no-fault law.” 

Mr. Filenger admitted to paying tow truck drivers and body shop workers to push collision victims into visiting the chiropractic clinics owned by him and his group. In addition, some of these patients were recommended to participating attorneys that offered “compensation from insurance companies.”

It is extremely important that you are informed about the types of auto insurance fraud that could be happening behind your back. Unfortunately, it is very easy to take advantage of these collision victims because they are weighed down with stress, financial pressures and sometimes physical/mental injuries. 

Many cases of auto insurance fraud happen in body shops. In order to prevent this from happening, you must choose a body shop that is reputable, trustworthy and completely transparent about all of the services it provides. With years of experience in the industry, we have heard from dozens of insurance fraud horror stories. Don’t let that be you- visit our website and contact us on our social media platforms to learn more about preventing fraud  and getting your car problems solved!