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Dealing With Your Insurance Company

Have you ever been in a car accident? No matter how minor or serious, getting into a car accident is traumatizing. On top of dealing with any physical and emotional suffering and damage to your car, you also have to

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WTF is Up With Auto Insurance Deductibles?

Comprehensive deductibles, collision deductibles, vanishing deductibles, zero deductible, huhundred dollar, five hundred dollar and thousand dollar deductibles. WTF is with auto insurance deductibles? If you carry comprehensive and collision insurance, you have a deductible but you probably won’t even think

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The Ugly Truth of most Insurance Companies

Ever felt you were mislead by an insurance company? In situations like these make sure to call your repair shop first before you call your insurance company. You would not call your lawyer after you filed a claim in court. would you? So, why would you call your insurance company before you called a …

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