Does your Insurance Company or Repair Shop give You a Lifetime Warranty in Writing?

Does you repair shop give you a written warranty? Does your insurance company give you a written warranty? Wouldn’t you feel more comfortable if your guarantee was spelled out for you in writing? If your repair shop or insurance company gives you a guarantee why would they not give it to you in writing?

At Barry’s Auto Body we believe that talk is cheap and a Lifetime warranty should be written down. A repair shop or an insurance company telling you they guarantee something for the life time of your vehicle means nothing if they do not write it down for you. We at Barry’s want our customers feeling safe and secure when they leave our repair shop knowing that they have an actual written warranty. Explaining the details of exactly how much is covered by us in the case of any issues for as long as they own their car. We believe in having a clear and easy to understand guarantee in writing for our customers to see with their own eyes. We believe in transparency. We believe in honesty. We believe our customers deserve the best. At Barry’s Auto Body “We Care About You.” “If By Accident We Should Meet.”

Sincerely from Barry…