WTF is Up With Auto Insurance Deductibles?

Comprehensive deductibles, collision deductibles, vanishing deductibles, zero deductible, huhundred dollar, five hundred dollar and thousand dollar deductibles. WTF is with auto insurance deductibles?

If you carry comprehensive and collision insurance, you have a deductible but you probably won’t even think about it until you get into a car accident.

What is a deductible? A deductible is the amount of money you owe the auto collision shop after they repair your car and the insurance company pays their share. Drivers accept deductibles as a normal part of auto insurance and that’s just bullshit.

Why do insurance companies play games when it comes to paying out on auto collision claims? They should just play it straight and charge a rate according to the driver’s record instead of making us try to figure out these ridiculous deductibles. They wave a carrot in front of your nose saying that a higher deductible will reduce your insurance premium payments, but when you really investigate you will realize that choosing a thousand dollar deductible instead of a five hundred dollar deductible will only save you a few dollars a month and take years to make up if you get into a car accident.

Deductibles are just one of the ways that insurance companies screw with drivers. When you think about it, insurance is really nothing more than us betting on whether or not we will get into a car accident. Every month we pay state mandated auto insurance premiums for liability, and, if we have a newer car, we pay for comprehensive, collision and glass. Then we get out on the road and hope that we never get into a car accident so that we don’t have to put in a claim. If we do have to put in a claim, our insurance company treats us suspiciously – like we are trying to get over on them by putting in a claim. First they try to steer us to their preferred auto collision repair shop instead of the one we want to deal with. Then they send their adjuster to ask a thousand questions about the accident. Then, if you are lucky, they approve the repair but they put pressure on the shop owner to do the job as cheaply as possible, even if that means doing sub-par work.

WTF? Auto insurance companies work for us – not the other way around. We shouldn’t have to worry about whether they are going to pay out our claim fully and we sure as shit shouldn’t have to worry about choosing and paying a deductible!

It’s time for drivers to wake up and realize that they pay good money for insurance. When it comes to fixing damage to their car from an auto collision, they shouldn’t allow the insurance company to cut corners. Drivers need to start demanding to get what they pay for!

If your insurance company pressured you to bring your car to their preferred shop for auto collision repair and you aren’t sure if they did the job right, bring your car in for a FREE post repair inspection. Let us make sure that the job was done right – and, if it wasn’t, let us do a proper repair and have your insurance company pay for it.

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