The Ugly Truth of most Insurance Companies

Ever felt you were mislead by an insurance company? In situations like these make sure to call your repair shop first before you call your insurance company. You would not call your lawyer after you filed a claim in court. would you? So, why would you call your insurance company before you called a repair shop you trust? I know most insurance companies advertise fortunes of dollars to make us believe they have our back in the case of an accident, but do they really?

Have you ever called in an insurance claim and had the claim representative make you feel as if you had no rights at all? As if you had to bring it to their location to have it looked at? As if they called all the shots? As if you had to put on whatever Aftermarket, used and counterfeit parts they wanted you to put on your car? Well this is against New York regulation 64 and New Jersey state regulation. If they are mis-leading you and breaking the law you have rights.

You do not have to go to their shop to estimate the damage they must come to you or your shop. Not all insurance companies are dishonest. Some are good but many are not. The moment you call your insurance company they are recording every word you say. The person on the phone has years of sales experience to coerce you into doing what they want. & They know you are vulnerable after an accident because you are shaken up. Did you know some companies offer employee incentives to get you to go to their shop? Normally the person you speak to will not even be from your home state. They do not care how your car is repaired or about you, your safety and the safety of your family who you drive in your car. You deserve the proper money that it costs to repair your car. If you have had a claim in the past the odds are you have seen how these companies lie, manipulate, cheat and Low ball the estimate you get from them.