Post Accident Insurance and Towing – Know Your Rights

Each year there are approximately five million car accidents in the United States. No one wants to have a car accident, but if you are someone who has been driving for more than ten years and you spend an average of forty minutes a day driving your car, chances are you will experience a car accident.

Car accidents are emotionally distressing, even when no one is injured. Having your car towed off the road and getting it to the right auto body repair shop can sometimes be a very distressing task. Tow truck drivers often want to bring your car to an auto body repair shop where they have a preexisting relationship and may ignore your request to tow your car to an auto body repair shop of your choice. If this happens, call 311 and report that tow truck driver immediately.

Dealing with an auto insurance company can be almost as distressing as the car accident itself because often times they want you to bring your car to an auto repair shop that they have a preexisting relationship with rather than allow you to bring your car to a shop of your choosing. Before acquiescing to your auto insurance company, know your rights.

You pay for auto insurance and therefore you can choose to bring your car to any auto body repair shop you choose. Do not let the insurance company bully you into bringing your car to a place where they will get away with paying the least amount of money and you will come out with an inferior repair job.

Since 1985, Barry’s Auto Body has been helping customers deal with auto insurance claims. This video will walk you through the best way to handle post accident insurance and towing. It will help you know your rights.