7 reasons why you may want to repair that paint scratch on your vehicle.

7 Important reasons to touch up or compound paint scratches on your vehicle before they rust.

  1. When you sell your vehicle this can negatively affect the cars value. This also may signal to an upcoming buyer that your car was not well maintained.
  2. A small scratch on a car could be as little as $35 to $125. Depending on damage or color but could cause your car to rust over time. Costing you thousands if you do not take care it.
  3. If the vehicles clear coat was penetrated. It can cause the rest of the paint in that area to start to chip off or peel up over time.
  4. If you have scratches on your paint. You may cause more damage when washing your car if you have nor repaired them. Especially if you use a power washer or are in an automatic car wash.
  5. The environment can cause the scratches to get worse. Daily exposure to harsh sun rays, bird poop, tree droppings, wind-blown dirt or dust can make them much worse.
  6. A small scratch can lead to rust. If this is on a structural panel. It will actually cause your car to become unsafe to drive for you and the passengers inside.
  7. Like fashion, your vehicle is an extension of you. Driving a nice clean car, truck or suv around town can actually lift up your spirits. Making you look better pulling up to that first dates house or that job interview.


Barry Crupi from Barry’s Auto Body and Collision Repair in Staten Island NY.