Auto Repair Shops. How to save yourself the grief of choosing a bad one.

Choosing an Auto Repair shop can be a very stressful process. At times, customers will worry so much about getting ripped off that they miss the writing on the wall in front of them. This mistake could end up costing you thousands in the long run. If the improper repairs end up causing an auto accident. This could also seriously injure someone in your car, suv or truck.

Things to look for in an automotive repair shop-

  1. Do they keep the office clean? Is their auto shop clean? Are their tools well organized? Do they seem like they know what they are doing?
  2. Do they have the proper equipment to repair your automobile?  Automobiles are extremely technical these days. Does this automotive repair shop have the proper technicians, computers and equipment to repair your vehicle safely? Look around and trust your gut. If you would not feel comfortable with your children driving in the vehicle after they repair it. There probably is a reason. Ask them a few questions and see if the person you deal with has enough technical knowledge in the auto industry. (You can google any technical questions to ask the auto repair shop near you.)
  3. Do you trust them? This is definitely the most important when dealing with an auto repair facility.
  4. Were they recommended? If so were they recommended by a person giving an honest recommendation like a family member?  Or did some insurance company, auto insurance agent or some other business in the automotive field who may be getting a commission for sending you there recommend them?
  5. Did someone at the dealer recommend them? Many dealership workers will also get commission for sending you to the auto repair shop they work with.
  6. How are their google recommendations? Facebook recommendations? Mechanical Advisor recommendations? Better Business Bureau ?
  7. Have you used them before? If not try to do something small at first to see how they treat you and your auto?

I would recommend not being penny wise and dollar foolish when it comes to having your vehicle repaired. You may save money up front but having a shop guess what is wrong with you automobile instead of having the proper equipment to diagnose your suv,  car or truck will definitely cost your more money in the long run.


Barry from Barrys Auto Body and Collision Repair.

P.S We do auto mechanical repair work also.  Wink Wink.  lol