Best Auto Repair Shop

Finding the right shop for auto repair can make anyone nervous. Let’s face it, when it comes to our cars, most people don’t know an axle from a brake pad which makes us feel helpless when speaking to an automotive specialist.

When we buy a new car, we look for one that has all the bells and whistles. Back up cameras, temperature controlled seats, cruise control and more, but when one of those items break or need maintenance, we have no idea what it costs or where to get it done.

A good relationship with an auto repair shop can save you money and lots of anxiety, but where do you begin your search?

You might want to think about these five things when choosing an auto repair shop:

Transparent Pricing:

Knowing how much it will cost you to have your vehicle repaired right up front goes a long way towards instilling trust between auto repair shop and client so ask your auto body shop for a complete price list for repairs before you let them begin work.


Quality auto repair shops warranty their work so their customers can have peace of mind. Before moving forward with any auto repair work, ask for a copy of their warranty so that you can understand what is covered.

Help with Insurance Claims

Insurance companies try their best to pay as little as possible on claims which means that they will do whatever they can to cut corners. Ask your auto repair shop if they have someone on staff who can assist with insurance claims to ensure that your vehicle gets fixed properly and that your insurance company pays for everything they are supposed to pay for.


Auto repair shops don’t have to be dirty, yet so many are. When choosing an auto body shop, make sure that it is kept clean and in good repair. After all, if the owner of an auto body shop can’t keep his/her place of business clean than how can s/he be trusted to pay attention to the fine details of repairing your vehicle?

Use of Non-Toxic Products in Vehicle Repair

With so many environmentally friendly products on the market today, auto repair shops can reduce the use of toxic products in vehicle repair. Most people spend hours of their day driving around in their cars. Using non-toxic products when auto repair is a great way to reduce health risks from off gases.

Don’t settle for less when choosing an auto repair shop. Instead demand the best and get it.

At Barry’s Auto Body we offer customers transparent pricing, warranty of our work, assistance with insurance claims, a clean and orderly shop and the use of environmentally friendly products in our vehicle repair plus much more. Call us today to make us your auto repair shop.