Car Maintenance Tips to Help You Beat the Heat

Summer has officially arrived, and it’s brought with it’s blazing sun and high temperatures. However, while we have the option to hit the pool or the beach in order to cool off, our cars don’t have the same option. Therefore, we need to do everything we can to take care of our vehicles and to help them beat the heat! Check out these amazing tips on ways you can look out for your car (and yourself) during these hot Summer months:


Make Sure Your AC is Running

There is nothing worse than getting into your car on a hot, muggy day, only to realize that your air conditioning is busted. Check to see if it’s working properly regularly, and if not try adding some refrigerant to help. If that doesn’t work, bring your car down here to Barry’s Auto Body and we’ll get you AC running smoothly for the Summer!


Clean or Replace Your Air Filters

Making sure that your air filters are clean is an important step in vehicle maintenance, especially during the warmer months. With more pollen and other pollutants in the air, keeping your air filter clean is more important than ever. Not to mention that a dirty air filter can lead to air conditioning problems, the last thing you want during the Summer. 


Keep an Eye on Your Tire Pressure

Yesterday’s issues can have a tendency to become tomorrow’s problems. After several months of cold weather conditions, the elements have had plenty of time to do damage to your tires. Now that the sun is out, road trips could be on the agenda for the Summer, and nobody wants to deal with a blowout from a damaged tire.


Keep All Engine Fluids Topped Off

When the weather shifts from one extreme to another, your engine’s fluid levels can change. For example, some of the fluids in your engine from the Winter could begin to evaporate as the weather warms up. To keep your car running smoothly, make sure that all of your engine’s fluids are at a safe level. 


Check Your Brakes

Similar to the tire pressure issues mentioned above, the Winter weather conditions have the ability to wreak havoc on your brakes. Make sure that they’re working as they should to keep you safe while driving wherever it is that you’re heading this Summer. 


Ensure that Your Wipers are Working Properly

The Summertime usually brings with it the occasional rainstorm. However, if your wipers are leaving streaks on your windshield while combating the rain, that could be potentially hazardous. Check your wipers and make sure that they aren’t working to impair your vision!