Car Window Repair

Like any other type of collision damage, harm to your vehicle’s windows must be taken seriously and fixed immediately. Even a small crack or scratch in your windshield can put your safety at risk. In many vehicles, the windshield acts as a support system for the car’s roof and passenger airbag. Cracks in auto glass tend to spread quickly and can cause a tremendous number of problems as time goes on. If your car windows are weakened by a crack, injuries become more likely in the case of a collision.


It is also important to make sure your side windows are functioning properly. If your windows are stuck open, it is very easy for thieves to break in and steal any valuables in your vehicle. In addition, the combination of stuck-open windows and harsh weather conditions often results in expensive damage to your car’s interior. Last, but certainly not least, is the loss of vision from a damaged car window. It is crucial to have a perfect view through every car window to ensure safe driving. Cracks to the rear windshield are especially dangerous because they stop drivers from seeing cars and pedestrians around them.


Barry’s Auto Body prides itself in its team of expert mechanics that are well trained in all aspects of car window repair. We are also capable of replacing any glass on your vehicle such as rearview mirrors and side view mirrors. Call today at (718) 948-8585 to get your auto glass and car windows fixed and your passengers safe!