Car Parts Most Commonly Damaged in an Auto Collision

At Barry’s Auto Body and Collision Repair shop, in Staten Island, New York, we are constantly dealing with customers who have just been in an auto collision. As you might have guessed, we see damage on certain car parts more than others. Below is a list of car parts that are most frequently damaged in an auto collision:

Front and Rear Bumpers:

The first part of the car that usually gets damaged in an auto collision is the front or rear bumper because many collisions are a result of a stopping short.

Hood and Trunk Lid:

Another part of the car that is often damaged is the hood and trunk lid. These parts can be also get damaged by rain, hail, or even slamming it down with too much force. You may think that it’s not really important to fix the hood or trunk lid but a broken latch can cause the hood to fly open and block your vision on the road.

Front and Rear Car Door:

With all of the new technology and safety systems, modern car doors are designed to keep drivers safe. Even a small problem with a car door can cause severe injury in the case of a collision.


Many people confuse a vehicle’s bumper with a vehicle’s fender. Fenders are located above the wheels and help prevent road debris from hitting other cars or pedestrians nearby.

The above car parts are very commonly damaged in auto collisions. However, it is important to understand that every accident is unique and some damage cannot be seen at first glance. For that reason, we always recommend calling a local collision repair shop after an accident. At Barry’s Auto Body and Collision Repair, we offer free estimates with a breakdown of the damage done and the procedures associated with the repair. If you have just been in an auto collision, call us at (718) 948-8585!