Depend On Us- We Got You Covered

Auto Body Repair

Ever get nervous about dealing with your insurance company after an automobile collision? No need to worry- you can depend on Barry’s Auto Body to deal directly with your insurance company throughout the entire collision repair process.

Unfortunately, more and more body shops are getting involved in Direct Repair Programs. What does that mean? It means that these body shop are working to please the insurance company representatives, who want to get the job done in a short period of time and spent as little money as possible. Direct Repair Shops often use old/shoddy equipment and parts that decrease the value and long-term dependability of the vehicle.

With all of the money you spent on your vehicle, do you really want to depend on someone that is only interested in making a quick profit? Don’t put your own life on the line; bring your vehicle to our shop, which is conveniently located on 4301 Amboy Road in Staten Island, New York.

At Barry’s Auto Body, we are working for our customers, not the insurance companies. If you have been in an accident, give us a call or visit our shop immediately. We will take care of any issues that may arise with your insurance company and walk you through the collision repair process with ease.

With over thirty years of experience in the automobile industry, we’ve seen collision victims get taken advantage of by their insurance company. We are willing to fight for each and every one of our customers to prevent this. In fact, we recently filed a lawsuit against Tri-State Consumer Insurance Company, Inc on behalf of four of our customers. We are obligated morally and by law, to restore your vehicle to a safe-to-operate condition. Click here to learn more about our fight against this ongoing problem.