Don’t let bald tires, sleet covered roads and speed cause a car collision.

We have all been there.  We know that we need a new set of tires but we never seem to have enough time or the extra cash laying around to get to the automotive shop to buy them.  So we continue driving on those slippery tires until one, snowy day we wind up in a car collision.

Even if your brakes are fully functioning, worn tires on snowy roads are a recipe for an accident.  It could also break your bank account if the insurance company deems that the bald tires were the cause of the accident.

Deteriorating tires can’t grip the road so they will slip when they hit slick spots on the pavement. Weak tires can easily blowout while driving at high speeds making the car difficult to control which can easily cause a car collision.

As a car owner, you are responsible for keeping your car running to the best of its ability.  If you drive on the road with bald tires you are putting your life and the lives of your passengers as well as others on the road at risk.  Winter driving is difficult even when your car is in tip top condition so why stack the odds against you by driving on deteriorating tires.

At Barry’s Auto Body, we believe in keeping it simple and easy for all our customers.  Our comfortable waiting room and customer first philosophy will make your visit as pleasant as possible. We are the one stop shop for all your automotive needs. We have tires for every make and model car and we use the latest equipment to balance your tires so your car will run smoothly.

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