Electric Car Charging Hub in Staten Island

Mayor Bill de Blasio has announced the building of a public electric car charging hub in Staten Island next year. This is one part of his plan to have at least fifty fast-charging hubs in New York City by 2020, which will cost approximately $19 million. The Mayor plans to build five larg hubs, which will have twenty chargers each, and 15 smaller hubs which will have four chargers each. Con Edison will help the city reach their goal and place the charging hubs in the best possible locations. As of now, the hubs will be built in the four municipal lots on Staten Island: Staten Island Courthouse Garage and Parking Lot and the Ferry Terminal South Municipal Parking Field in St. George, the New Dorp Municipal Parking Field and the Great Kills Municipal Parking Field.

Having more electric cars in New York City will reduce the amount of pollution coming from exhaust emissions, cut down greenhouse gas emissions and cost less for the average driver. In addition, car companies like Ford are using recycled materials to build their electric cars. At Barry’s Auto Body, we use environmentally friendly products to provide provide high-quality services and reduce our carbon footprint. Our strong relationship with Glasurit, an automotive company with 130 years of experience in crafting environmentally friendly products, makes it easy for us to continue our “Go Green” initiative. Follow us on social media for constant Staten Island and automobile news updates!