Hand Car Washes > Automatic Car Washes

Taking care of your car’s exterior is always important, but summer is your car’s time to shine! Did you ever hear the saying “look good, feel good?” It applies to cars too. Lingering dust can create rust on your vehicle’s exterior, which is definitely not a good look for the summer. We recommend getting your car cleaned once a month. But the way in which your car is cleaned is just as important as how often you clean it.

The truth is- automatic car washes are not nearly as beneficial as hand car washes. Automatic car washing machines are often overused and under maintained. As the machines get older, the chances of your vehicle being damaged increases. In addition, a lot of automatic car washing centers use cheaper cleaning products to cut costs. The use of cheap products can also result in paint removal.

At Barry’s Auto Body, we hand wash and dry vehicles to ensure that they come out looking brand new without any damage at all. Worried that getting your car hand washed at a body shop will take too long? We get your car in and out in about thirty minutes! We also take care of any issues with your vehicles glass. If there is a problem with your windshield, windows, sunroof and side view/ rear view mirrors, we can replace or repair them for you right here, in our shop. It is also important to keep your interior clean so that you are comfortable while driving. Barry’s Auto Body takes care of that too! With the warm weather approaching, now is the perfect time to get a hand car wash. Call us today at 718 948-8585!