How to Buy a Pre-Owned car

At Barry’s Auto Body, 4301 Amboy Road in Staten Island, New York, we believe an educated consumer is a happy customer. One of the most important things you should know is how to buy a pre-owned car. In our YouTube video, Barry takes you through a personal inspection that will help you decide if a car is worth further inspection by a mechanic. You will learn to detect improper repairs, bad body work, alignment issues or oil leaks.

Barry shares his expertise on how to buy a pre-owned car with a simple visual inspection. It’s important to get a price report for the retail or trade in value of the car. One of the first things to look at when trying to determine improper repairs are the seams and lines throughout the vehicle. To check for dents that are hard to see, Barry suggest taking a clean rag and running it over the car. Visually checking the tires is important too! Do they turn in too much when looking from behind? Is there excessive curb rash from hitting the tire when parking? A great tip from the video on how to buy a pre-owned car is if there’s damage to the side of the tire, it actually can’t be repaired, it would need to be replaced. This visual inventory is useful when learning how to buy a pre-owned car and will help you determine whether or not you need further inspection from a mechanic. Also, before taking the next step of bringing the car to a mechanic, Barry suggests taking it for a test drive then letting it run for about an hour to see if there are any engine leaks. A sign of engine trouble.

These great tips from Barry will make you a more educated consumer and save you time and money. Knowing how to buy a pre-owned car is knowing if it is even worth taking the next step of bringing it into Barry’s Auto Body or any mechanic, for further inspection.

At Barry’s Auto Body on Staten Island, we want to arm you with the facts and knowledge of how to buy a pre-owned car because your safety matters to us. Subscribe to our YouTube channel for more great tips or stop in to Barry’s Auto Body on Amboy Road in Staten Island for the best service in eco-friendly auto body repairs.