It’s time to fix that collision damage.

Winter is coming which means that most of us will be stowing away our bikes and motorcycles and hopping into our car to get around.  Which also means that it is time to make sure that our car is ready for driving in winter weather.

If you are like many people who got into a fender bender last winter and put off fixing the collision damage because you just didn’t have the time or money, you might want to consider getting that car fixed now, before the snow and ice sets in.

Even though it doesn’t look great, you may think that car is running well enough to get you around so you will decide to put the repairs off until spring. I can tell you right now – that would be a big mistake.  Driving around on snow covered roads is dangerous.  Driving around on snow covered roads in a car that hasn’t been thoroughly checked out following a collision is just plain crazy.

Collision damage is not always visible.  When your car suffers an impact from another vehicle, it could throw the wheels out of alignment or knock anchor straps loose meaning that your car is literally an accident waiting to happen.  Putting off repairs because money is tight may just cost you more money in the long run.

If you think about it logically you will agree that driving around on highways at speeds up to 65 mph in a car that has unrepaired collision damage isn’t the smartest thing a person can do.  So instead of risking a breakdown or another car crash, why not bring your car in so that we can check it out.  We will make sure that your car is running safe so that you can have peace of mind while driving around this winter.

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