Post Repair Inspections

I’m sure you have heard the saying- “If its not broke dont fix it.” Right? You’d assume that applies to just about everything (including cars) but when it comes to automobiles, there is always a chance that the damage is not visible. For this reason, Barry’s Auto Body offers post repair inspections. A post repair inspection is an evaluation of your automobile that is done after a repair to ensure that proper parts were used and your car is in good shape. This may seem a bit repetitive and unnecessary but unfortunately, there are many auto repair shops that care more about the money than their customers. This inspection acts as a second layer of protection for your automobile.


To the average person, some of these imperfections may not be visible. However, some of these invisible problems can be causing a tremendous risk to you and your passengers. Studies have shown that sixty percent of vehicles that were repaired have been found to have ongoing problems. These problems could affect the value of the car, and put passenger safety at risk.  At Barry’s Auto Body, we use an eight step Post Repair Inspection process that gets your car back into tip-top shape. Call us at 718-948-8585 or visit us at 4301 Amboy Rd. to learn more about these services!