Regular Car Maintenance Tips that you Might Not Think About

There is a lot of responsibility that comes with owning a vehicle. From taking care to drive safely and obey traffic laws to properly maintaining it to ensure its longevity, vehicle owners should be doing everything that they can to keep their cars in good working condition. However, while some of the more notable types of maintenance, such as car washing and oil changes might be front of mind, there are several other kinds of maintenance that can often be overlooked.


Headlight Care

Over time, a vehicle’s headlights can begin to become foggy and dull. Maintaining the clarity of the glass shielding the headlight or replacing bulbs when they begin to get dim can help to improve your safety when driving at night or in the dark. 


Clean Your Air Filter

Having a dirty air filter can do more damage to a vehicle than one might expect at first glance. A dirty air filter will often allow particles and debris to enter your engine that can result in serious damage to your vehicle. Replace the air filter regularly to keep your engine working properly. 


Replace Windshield Wipers When Necessary

Replacing inefficient windshield wipers is one of the best and most cost efficient ways to maintain your vehicle. The damage that can be done to your windshield from faulty wipers can be severe, and driving through a storm with them can be very dangerous. Replace them when necessary and ensure that driving your vehicle is much safer. 


Protect Your Vehicle’s Interior

We spend so much time worrying about what is happening under the hood of our vehicles, that we can forget to maintain other areas of them as well. A well maintained interior can help extend the lifetime and resale value of a car. Use floor mats to protect the carpeting from damage and don’t leave garbage lying around inside in order to keep your vehicle looking well maintained. 


Inspect Your Tires

Anything that you put between yourself and the ground should always be well maintained, and that includes your vehicle’s tires. Make sure that they are not balding, or leaking air, and regularly check your tire pressure in order to keep operating your vehicle safely. 


Carry a Toolkit

Even in a well maintained car, accidents can happen, and not always within close proximity to an auto body shop like Barry’s. Keeping the tools necessary to do minor adjustments to your vehicle or to change your tire in the event of an emergency can help to get you out of a tight jam!