Signs it’s Time to Change Your Tires

Keeping a close eye on the overall health of your vehicle is a very important aspect of maintaining its longevity. We all know the essential steps for keeping your car running smoothly: change your oil, keep an eye out for fluid levels, and watch out for lights on the dashboard. However, there is one part of a vehicle that can often get ignored until real issues start to arise: tires. Now, most drivers have been in a situation where they’ve had to pump some air into a tire or to change a flat, but do you know what to look out for to prevent a tire disaster and keep your vehicle running smoothly? Check out our list of tire tips so that you know what signs to look out for, so that you know when your tires are in need of a replacement!


Bald Tires

Maintaining the tread on your tires is super important for your vehicle’s safety. Over time that tread wears down, and it makes your tires more difficult to control, especially in snowy, icy, or rainy weather. However, bald tires can also make turning and breaking more dangerous, so replacing bald tires before they become dangerous is crucial.


Shaking Vehicle

Now, to us Staten Islanders, a shaky vehicle can mean that we’re just driving over our run of the mill potholes. However, if your vehicle is constantly shaking, even on smooth roads and highways, it could be a sign that your tire alignment is off or that there is an internal issue with your tires.


Exposed Wear Bar

Most of the new tires that are being distributed come with a wear bar, or a rubber bar that is placed perpendicular to the tread of the tire, in between the treads. Over time, as the tire wears down, the wear bar becomes more visible, and once the tread is even with the wear bar, it is time for a replacement.


Slow Leaks

This may be a more obvious sign, but if you are constantly needing to fill your tire with air, there is likely an issue at play. This is not to say that your tire is flat every day, but if you need to fill it with air on a weekly or biweekly basis as it is slowly deflating, there is likely an issue. Sometimes a simple patch job could resolve this, but that is not always the case.


Uneven Tire Wear

One important aspect of vehicle maintenance is tire rotation. By swapping out your front and back tires regularly, you can keep an even wear on them and extend their longevity. However, if your tires are beginning to wear unevenly this can be dangerous for our vehicle and should be dealt with swiftly to avoid any damage that can occur.